28 February - 01 March, 2017
Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Pierre Tapie

PAXTER (Paris-Singapore)

8:50 AM [Panel Discussion] Repositioning Asia’s Higher Education Sector in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World

  • Mapping and addressing the current driving forces impacting the development of higher education
  • Asia as one-stop destination: optimizing the competitive edges to attract global and regional students
  • Spearheading technology investment as the driving force to move the university forefront
  • Repositioning Asia’s Higher Education Sector in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World
  • Decoding and meeting the changing needs of millennial students

9:25 AM How Can your Institution Prepare for the Next 15 Years in the Age of Digital and Demographic Disruption?

An intensive research on student mobility and higher education trends from 68 countries representing 90% of students on the planet has been conducted at Paxter. The findings will be illustrated in this session to forecast the “demographics tsunami” and digital trends in the next 15 years. Prepare to discover the interesting findings and stay abreast of the student mobility pathways.
  • Global and regional trends of academic demographics
  • Unlocking arising opportunities with digital strategies
  • How to leverage Asia’s values to attract students and reshape multiple models of Asian universities

9:55 AM [Panel Discussion] Digital Disruption Trends and how Universities Can Effectively Ensure Sustainability

  • Gearing up for the evolution of new education delivery models: MOOCs, online degrees, and learning analytics – the commercial opportunities
  • Strategic Ed tech investment and strengthening the capabilities of your CIO an ICT department
  • Seamlessly marrying new technologies with traditional teaching methods for more effective outcomes
  • Change to be the new constant: Leveraging learning analytics to drive the informed changes

9:00 AM Workshop A: Academic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - How Can an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Designed within a University Shape Students’ Future and Institutional Behavior

  • How can two case studies, involving a graduate school of engineering and a business school, both famous for their entrepreneurial ecosystems, inspire better practices?
  • What type of comprehensive educational strategy can foster students’ willingness to actually create companies?
  • Which are the components of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can/could/should relevantly be built within a university?
  • What are the main difficulties that have to be overcome in building these various elements?
  • Is faculty a resource or a hurdle to the construction of an academic entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • How to work on student job-seeking projection to become an entrepreneur factory?
  • How executive education can be concerned by entrepreneurial academic ecosystem?
  • What type of results can be expected for an effective academic ecosystem?
  • How can stakeholders’ involvement be used as a leverage tool for accelerating the entrepreneurial performance of the university?

3:00 PM Workshop C: : Mastering Industry-University Partnership Strategies : the Rich and Diversified Lessons of the Two-Century-Old “Grandes Ecoles” Experience

  • How to build a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted relationship between industry and university How to design pedagogical tracks instrumental in building relations between industry and university?
  • How to empower students as university ambassadors to economic partners?
  • Can entrepreneurial ecosystem accelerate relations between industry and university?
  • How can research policy help accelerate, or not, relations between industry and university? Pull and Push approaches
  • Can institutional governance contribute to fostering partnerships between university and industry? How?
  • What are the best public governance practices as a leverage tool for developing relations between industry and university?
  • How can Executive Education be a leverage agent for accelerating industry-university partnerships?
  • Can international development or co-development create opportunities to reinforce industry-university partnerships?

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