28 February - 01 March, 2017
Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Geoffrey Williams

Williams Business Consultancy (Malaysia)

3:50 PM [Panel Discussion] Unlocking the Diversified Revenue Streams for a Less Tuition-Dependent Operation

  • Thinking differently about managing higher education institutions: addressing the volatility of higher education to economic conditions
  • Successful joint venture models
  • Assessing the demand to cultivate lifelong learning courses
  • Successful frameworks to drive philanthropic endowments

9:00 AM Workshop D: Diversifying Revenue Streams for Financial Sustainability on Asia Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) around Asia are facing many challenges in creating affordable and accessible routes to world-class learning experiences for the next generation of students. Reliance on tuition fees is both burdensome for students and limiting for universities and new options for mixed income strategies need to be explored, developed and adopted.

This workshop discusses and shares ideas on funding options for HEIs, which draw on new approaches, create sustainable financing models and reduce the dependence on tuition fees. Learn the fundamentals of planning, launching and stabilizing the financial

  • What are the challenges for financing higher education?
  • The basics – Fee income and Non-fee income
  • The Three “Rs” – rental, retail and recreation – creating value from our own community
  • Research and Grants – building a self-sustaining research eco-system
  • Endowments, Waqf and Charity – Alumni endowments; Big donor endowments; Earned income endowments (income and asset sales);
  • Land-use / facilities usage and maximising space
  • Privatisation and Commercialisation – Privatisation – hospitals for example are already available
  • Investment portfolio income – how do we manage our investments, what are the likely returns and what investment criteria should we take into account?

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