28 February - 01 March, 2017
Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Convince Your Boss

Need help getting approval to attend? We appreciate that time out of the office can be difficult to justify, especially with the constant pressures of return on investment and time. This is why we have put together this short le ...

Making Universities Industry-Relevant

At a time when many new graduates in Malaysia struggle to find employment, many people are calling for universities to become more “industry-relevant”.

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6 Key Lessons In Getting Strategic Supports From University-Industry Partnership

Universities and industry have been collaborating for over a century, but the rise of a global knowledge economy has intensified the need for strategic partnerships that go beyond the traditional funding of discrete research projects.In this article, we look at the strategic benefits that can be captured from the right...

Ensuring Nimble, Market-Sensitive Business & Revenue Models For Higher Education Institutes

Financial sustainability is oneof the key challenges for universities today, in a volatile economic climatewhere funding is being cut and student enrolment is falling. Universities canensure sustainability by adapting effective business models and maintaining ahealthy degree of diversity in their funding structure. In this article, welook at what universities presidents...

Building a World-Class University: The Road-Less-Travelled

Duncan Ross  Data and Analytics Director  Times Higher Education World University Rankings 

Creating an innovative and collaborative culture for 21st Education

Prof. Kin-Leong PEY  Professor and Associate Provost (Education)  Singapore University of Technology and Design 

Devising universities leadership in the rapidly changing Asia landscape

Prof. Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak President International Association of Universities

Funding Cuts Push Universities to Develop Sustainable Revenue Models

The rapid growth of undergraduate university enrolment across Southeast Asia has put governments under severe financial pressure to provide adequate infrastructure and student support. As a result, governments have looked for ways to lower the cost of public university funding and encouraged the growth of private universities.

Malaysia's Higher Education Blueprint: The Challenges of Implementation

In early April 2015, Malaysia announced its Higher Education Blueprint 2015-2025 – a bold statement of how the country’s higher education sector would be transformed over the coming decade. It builds on and complements the Education Blueprint launched in 2013 which in turn had been designed to transform the schooling...

Understanding global trends that may disrupt higher education landscape in Asia

Professor Pascale Quester  Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic)  The University of Adelaide